Maximilian Microbrewery. On 26 June 2012 at 7:30 in the morning, the historical first batch of the new Maximilian beer was brewed, a light 11°. 
The Kroměříž Brewery currently operates the Maximilian u Mincovny brewery restaurant in the historical part of the town. This restaurant taps seven beers from the Maximilian Brewery, and all beers can be purchase and taken out in bottles.


Semi-dark special 13°, special dark 14°, semi-dark special 14°, G-Max, MiniMax 10°, light lager 11°, and Vienna lager 12°. Alternatives include the top fermented beers named Polibek 11°, Západ slunce 16°, and Srytý Satyr 12°).


Outside the Maximilian u Mincovny restaurant, we draft our beer in many places across the country, and we export to our customers abroad.

Guided tours

For groups of 5-40 people on weekdays and weekends, by prior telephone or written agreement. The tour includes seating and beer tasting in our pub, which is part of the brewery. The tour also includes refreshments from our restaurant Maximilian u Mincovny.


Na Sádkách 2798/9, 767 01 Kroměříž
Phone: 573 500 573
Phone: 797 990 600

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