Chalupník Perštejn Beer. In our brewery, we brew beer according to old practices that are traditional for Czech beers. Chalupník beer is a natural product that we produce only from local waters, threshing floor malt, and Saaz hops. We do not use any technology to accelerate or cheapen our beer. We do not add any preservatives or stabilizing agents, colorants, or other chemicals. Our beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized, thus preserving all natural nutrients that have a beneficial effect on the human organism.


Sládek 10° light draft beer, a bottom fermented beer with a minimum aging period of 21 days. Premiant 12° light lager, a bottom fermented beer with a minimum aging period of 40 days. Harmonie 12° dark lager, a bottom fermented beer with a minimum aging period of 40 days. Of course, we also prepare special beers.


Beer is available in our restaurant and at events where we go.

Guided tours

Tours of the brewery are possible by prior telephone appointment in Czech and German.

Events and Festivals

We make regular appearances at the Ústecký Beer Market, the Kadaň Beer Festival, Emperor's Day in Kadaň, Klášterecké Celebrations, Masopust in Kadaň, and the Beer Festival in Vejprty.


Husova 47, 431 63 Perštejn
Phone: 604 270 205
Phone: 734 675 168

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