Syrovar Domestic Microbrewery. The first mention of brewing in Syrovín goes back to 1938, when the first batch was brewed by Jan Kolaja (b. 1905). At that time, however, the basic raw material used was sugar beet, and instead of hops, oak bark or herbs were used. Brewing took place only a few times a year for the needs of the family. The beer was top-fermented, or it was fermented with wild yeasts, and it matured in the chamber in bottles. It sometimes happened that a bottle couldn’t handle the high pressure and exploded.
After about a 60-year pause, the Kolaja family started brewing beer again in 2007, but this time with classic ingredients. The quality has been fine-tuned since then to ensure that the bitterness is perfectly balanced.


Unfiltered and unpasteurized beers: 11° Traditional lager, 11° Zelený čtvrtek, 11° wheat (Weissbier), 13° Rye ale, 12° Premium Lager, 13° Special Pilsen, 13.9° Special Max, 13° Special honey, 13° Dark Porter, 13° American Pale Ale, 13° Galaxy S (strong hop beer), 11° Kopřiva (top-fermented), 11° Bezinka, 12° Pacific, 12° Vienna lager, 12° Hercules, draft beers 10° Žízeň and Žízeň EX-10°.


The beer is available in PET bottles and kegs with 15, 30, and 50 liter volumes.


Syrovín 31, 696 84 Těmice
Phone: el.: 702 536 362

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