Panský Mlýn, meaning Manorial Mill, is a microbrewery and restaurant on the outskirts of Opava, where the city becomes a village and the village runs straight into a field.   
Right here, day after day, the local brewer continues in the alchemy of brewing beer so that the brewery can provide its guests and customers with the best of what its workers can produce. 
The brewer of Panský Mlýn puts a lot of love and a deep respect for beer in the preparation of three types of this popular beverage, named after bears for its strength and beauty. Beer has been brewed here since June 2015.


From the draft beers brewed regularly in the Panský Mlýn microbrewery, the permanent offer includes 10° Brtník, 12° Grizzly and 15° Kodiak amber. On Easter, green beer is prepared and Christmas brings the promise of vanilla beer to Panský Mlýn.


The beer here is served in “traditional” draft form, or you can purchase it and take it with you in one-liter PET bottles. This possibility exists at Panský Mlýn, of course, as well as at two premises in Opava – in the pub U Grizzlyho or at the Opava Tennis Center.         

Guided tours

Brewery tours are available anytime by appointment – see contact.

Events and Festivals

Events held at the manor mill – see the brewery’s website or Facebook page.


U Panského mlýna 267/28, 747 06 Opava
Phone: 604 222 280

Mapa se načítá

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