Rohozec Brewery. The brewery was built in 1850 by Ferdinand Unger, then in 1910 it was sold to an Ltd. company, then in 1924 was converted into a joint stock company. In 1948, the brewery was nationalized and became part of the East Bohemian Breweries National Enterprise.
In 1994, it was privatized but the owners’ management brought it to the brink of ruin. Salvation came in 2004, when it was bought by the current owners. The brewery now produces classic bottom fermented beer and is once again on the rise. 


A wide range of bottom fermented beers produced using the classic dual mash method and open fermentation process, fruit flavored beers, and several kinds of soft drinks.


Pubs and beer halls in northern, western, southern and central Bohemia, as well as in Prague, Brno, and in some places in southern Moravia.

Guided tours

For groups of minimum 10 people on Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm, or upon prior agreement outside these days and hours. 

Events and Festivals

The Rohozec Beer Festival held each year in June, then the Rohozec Summer – a cycle of Friday rock concerts with good music and Rohozec beer.


Malý Rohozec 29, 511 01 Turnov
Phone: 481 321 219

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