Domov Louny Microbrewery. The historic building was built in the early 20th century as a hotel, then served as a boarding house with a traditional Czech pub. In 2013, the owners decided to combine the building’s history with brewing beer and traditional Czech cuisine. The restaurant and brewery also include the boiler. An extensive reconstruction added a basement which holds the lager tanks and fermenting vats. The production of the Louny Microbrewery is used exclusively for the Domov restaurant.
Domov Restaurant and Microbrewery Louny beer mug = Domov Louny Microbrewery. 


Unpasteurized, unfiltered beer. Permanently on tap: Light 11°, Dark 13°. On top of that, every 14 days we change out special bottom and top fermented beers from lighter fruit specials, through wheat and honey beer, to top fermented specialty Ales.


Exclusively for the Domov Microbrewery, in the summer at beer festivals and events across the country.

Guided tours

Tours are held (by appointment) every day. The tour takes about 30-45 minutes.

Events and Festivals

The brewery hosts the Louny Beer Festival and attends about 20 festivals throughout the country every year.


Rybalkova 1323, 440 01 Louny
Phone: 731 453 082

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