The Letohradský Jelen Brewery was founded in November 2013, with the first batches brewed in February 2014. The brewery is operated by the company named, “Jsme Zde Doma”, or “We are here at home”, also as JZD Letohrad, a.s.
Most beer is brewed custom, e.g. first beer production for Clock – Potštejnský brewery, the brand Velkopražský lager for “Beer and sausage” in Prague, Královský lager for Hradec Králové, and Brutál Ale for Klokočka Nové Bělá and more. The originality of its flavor comes from its own water from the brewery well and brewer ing. Zdeněk Kalous, who has many years of experience in beer production in Žamberecký Kanec from 2000 to 2013.   
The Letohradský Jelen Brewery is based in Žamberk, Na Drahách. The main reason for locating the brewery here is the electricity and heat from the biogas plant which is also located in the complex.     


All year there are about ten beers in the selection, both top fermented ale and pilsner type. The best-selling are the light eleven and twelve grades. The Hard Mok is a new beer. 


Pubs featuring Letohradský Jelen offer several kinds of draft and bottled beers, and guests can sit comfortably in Letohrad, ul. Komonského 199.

Guided tours

Organized events: Letohradská Fair, Kunčický kravál.


Na Drahách 444, 564 01 Žamberk
Phone: 731 456 430

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