The Karvinský Brewery in Karviné was built in 2013 in the restaurant Ovečka (Lamb), which has a hundred years of tradition in the city. The boiler is located directely in the restaurant, which serves delicious cuisine.
In 2008, the restaurant underwent extensive refurbishment; a summer garden was built with a stylish wooden roof seating 200 persons, as well as a playground.


The selection consists of beers bearing the Larische brand. 11° bottom fermented light lager, 12° bottom fermented lager, 13° semi-dark lager. The honey 11° is very popular, then during Advent the cinnamon 15°, dark 12°, blueberry 11°, and others.


Larische beer can be enjoyed in the Ovečka Restaurant, at the Tavern U Supa in Horní Bludovice, and at the Darkov Spa. Beer is bottled in 1,5 l PET bottles, and into 15, 30, and 50 liter kegs upon order. The brewery leases its own cooling system and party taps.

Guided tours

A brewery tour is possible after previous agreement for a maximum of groups up to 8 persons.

Events and Festivals

Festival Dokořán Karviná, St. Wenceslas Beer Festival – Zábřeh Castle, Ostravování – Clarion Hotel.


Polská 117/8, Karviná – Ráj
Phone: 723 933 108

Mapa se načítá

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