Hukvaldy Microbrewery. Since 2003, we have brewed only unfiltered and unpasteurized beer in the Pub in Dolní Sklenova. A boiler with 250 liter capacity was originally used, then a 500 liter boiler after reconstruction in 2015. 


10.5° draft beer, 12° lager, 14° semi-dark special as a permanent product, occasionally various specials for various anniversaries, all under the brand Hukvaldské beer.


The vast majority of brewed beer is consumed on the pub’s premises, but it can also be ordered in 15, 30, and 50 liter kegs or purchased in 1.5 L PET bottles in the bar. Our only larger permanent client is the restaurant Pod Parohama in Ostrava’s Výškovice.

Guided tours

Given the size of the brewery, tours can be arranged for small groups, and they are of course free of charge. 

Events and Festivals

The main event of the year is a small beer meeting with the participation of the surrounding small breweries, annually in August in the pub with cheese, bean, and goulash feasts or associated with drafting produced specials.


Dolní Sklenov 19, 739 46 Hukvaldy
Phone: 721 525 074

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