Hasič (Fireman) Brewery is a microbrewery with restaurant, situated in the attractive Jeseníky area, in the center of the city of Bruntál.   
In 2015, the brewery owners fulfilled their dream and started to brew homemade beer from pure natural malt and hops using the local malthouse. Using traditional recipes and classic technology of an open fermenting room and lager tanks, the beer has an unmistakable flavor. Thanks to the natural components, each batch is an original.     
In the newly renovated beer bar, guests can choose from six kinds of beers on tap, including specials and beer snacks.   


Bottom fermented beers are available daily – 11° light lager, 12° semi-dark lager, 12° dark lager, as well as specials – top-fermented IPA and ABBEY, in summertime the Summer Ale, wheat beer, and during Christmastime we tap the Christmas special and Honey beer.   


This beer can be tasted at the “Hasičárna” restaurant in a pleasant environment with a view into the brewery.     
The beer is bottled into PET bottles or into stylish locking bottles – these are very suitable as a gift. 

Guided tours

Tours of the brewery with a commentary on the production of beer tasting are available anytime by appointment on Tel.: +420 739 600 000.

Events and Festivals

4 May Firemen’s Day in the Hasič Brewery 
June – Beerfest Ostrava


Ruská 1448/1, 792 01 Bruntál
Phone: 739 600 000

Mapa se načítá

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