Pivotel MMX

MMX Pivotel is located in the picturesque surroundings of Central Bohemia in the valley of the Berounka river between Prague and Karlštejn.     
MMX Pivotel was opened in 2010 and is a finalist in the Building of the year 2012. The MMX Brewery brews all beers solely pursuant to the Reinheitsgebot beer purity act of 1516 from the best Czech and world hops and malt and water at pH 7.7. MMX Pivotel is the union of a brewery, modern restaurant with an outdoor terrace, and a hotel with a capacity of 57 beds.                 


The MMX restaurant always offers draft beer and Pilsner-type lager as well as two other types from this product range – Single Hop lager, lager dark, Weizen, Alt, Amber Ale, Brown Ale, Red Ale, APA, IPA, and Stout.     


MMX beer can be tasted in the restaurants listed on the brewery’s website ( www.mmxpivo.com ). 

Guided tours

MMX brewery tours with a tasting from the lager tanks are possible.


Obr: 318Pivotel MMX
Dobřichovická 452, Lety, Praha-západ
Phone: 774 282 221
Phone: 256 / 257 711 296

Mapa se načítá

Pivo a pivovary Čech, Moravy a Slezka - kapesní průvodce na cestu za tuzemským pivem