The Loď Brewery is a unique project in the Czech Republic. The microbrewery’s technology is located on the decks of two ships. The main deck houses a dual boiler with a 500-liter volume and a fermenting tank containing a total of four fermenting vats. The lower deck contains thirteen lager tanks and three transfer tanks.
Estimated annual production is 1,200 hectoliters per year. There should always be three permanent beers on tap – 10° Legie, 12° Republika, and the dark 13° Monarchie. Other specialty beers will be available based on the season.
A microbrewery, quality Czech cuisine, a stylish restaurant, the original deck bar, relaxation beds, and showers – all this awaits you on our three decks.


Lagers – 10° Legie, 12° Republika, 13° Monarchie; specials – 12° Remorkér, New Orleans, Hood. Year-round – Legie, Republika, Monarchie.

Guided tours

Brewery tours and tastings available by telephone request.


Dvořákovo nábřeží, Štefánikův most, kotviště číslo 19, Praha 1
Phone: 773 778 788

Mapa se načítá

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